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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carol B
Beautiful Quality & Exceptional Customer Service

I bought S-Fold unlined curtains for 3 windows that I wanted to be able to slide open and closed easily. I bought 2 sets in natural and 1 in off-white. The quality of the material, both by feel and weave, are exactly what I had hoped they would be, based on the samples. When hung, the panels have just the right amount of weight to drape beautifully. I guessed that the sheer wouldn't be enough in the Colorado sun, which can be spectactularly bright, so I took a chance on the unlined linen panels and find they are sheer enough to convey a feeling of lightness, yet block out some of the sizzling brightness on the hottest days.

I also want to agree with the many other commenters here, that the staff provide an exceptional experience, from cheerfully answering my questions before purchasing, to resolving an issue with the set of curtains for a patio door.

I am glad I chose 3H Linen and I will be ordering from them again.

Susan K.

I love that I was able to ask simple questions and get quick and thoughtful responses (I do not speak the language of custom curtains and such). We ended up with beautiful window treatments at a reasonable price. I will definitely shop 3H again if and when we're in the market for similar products. Great experience all the way around.

Heidi S
very well made

The fabric is gorgeous, very luxe at any price, happily they are less expensive. No complaints, this is a fantastic company. I made the mistake of ordering the s-fold when I didn't actually want to gather them permanently (they're always either open all the way or pulled closed all the way). So the "netting" is visible on the ends but that's on me. It's actually a great extra feature if you keep the waves pulled.

Karin S
Absolutely lovely linen curtains!

My white linen curtains are exactly what I wanted but even nicer than expected. They are made beautifully and really dress up my living room where I wanted something that would let some light in. I got the little plastic hooks from 3H that allowed me to attach black curtain rings (small ring with a larger ring). I also used a black rod. My window was a little narrow for the size of the wall so I also got extra width so that I could use a wider curtain rod and still have plenty of fullness. Everyone at 3H was very helpful and checked with me to make sure that my order was correct. Thank you all at 3H Linen.

So beautiful!

These were made beautifully and the instructions made them so easy to hang. (If having custom made, ask for details on how far they’ll come from rail … I wish I had before I measured.) The s fold tape means no need to distribute gathers yourself … pull tightly and it does it for you, so you get even wavy folds all the way across.