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Are Door Curtains a Good Idea?

Door curtains can be a good idea for certain situations, depending on your preferences, the function of the door, and the overall design of the space. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if door curtains are a good fit to suit your needs:


  • Door curtains can provide an extra layer of privacy, especially for doors with glass panels or doors leading to bedrooms or private spaces.


  • Door curtains can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room or doorway. They come in various styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to customize the look of the door curtains to match your decor.

Light Control:

  • If the door receives a lot of natural light and you would like to control the amount of light entering the room, door curtains can be a practical solution. The good part of door curtains is the fact that they are functional and can help as a decorative element as well. 

Temperature Control:

  • Door curtains can contribute to temperature control by helping to keep drafts out or retain warmth in a room. Door curtains can be particularly beneficial in the winter months.


  • Door curtains are available in a range of materials, from sheer fabrics that allow light to pass through to heavier fabrics that provide more insulation. Choose a type of door curtains that suits the specific needs of the door and the room.

Temporary Solutions:

  • Door curtains can be a temporary solution for spaces where you might want to change the decor or level of privacy without making permanent alterations to the door. The good part is that you can choose a door curtain that matches the style you are looking for without too much hassle. 
  1. Noise Reduction:
  • Door Curtains, especially those made from thicker materials, can help reduce noise transmission, providing a level of sound insulation.

However, there are also some considerations and potential drawbacks when it comes to door curtains:


  • Consider the functionality of the door. If it's a frequently used access, make sure the curtains won't impede movement or create inconvenience. Simplicity is key.


Door curtains may require more maintenance than other window treatments, as they can catch dust and may need regular cleaning. Also, the material of the door curtain will dictate the type of maintenance needed. Consider that depending on the material and positioning of the curtain, maintenance can be tricky.

  • Pets and Children:
  • If you have pets or small children, be aware that door curtains may be tempting to pull on or play with. So before going for a door curtain consider the logistics of dealing with kids or a naughty dog.

Ultimately, whether door curtains are a good idea depends on your specific needs and the characteristics of the door and space in question. If you decide to use door curtains, choose materials and styles that align with your functional and aesthetic goals. Door curtains are usually a great choice when looking for beauty and functionality. Refer to the list above to see if door curtains are a good option for you.

What Are Curtains for Doors Called?

Curtains specifically designed for doors are often referred to as "door curtains" or "door panel curtains." Door curtains are tailored to fit the length of the doors, and they come in various styles and materials to suit different preferences and functional needs.

Here are a few specific types of door curtains:

Door Panel Curtains:

  • These door curtains are designed to cover the glass panels on or near a door while leaving the door itself accessible. These types of door curtains provide privacy and may also offer light control.

French Door Curtains:

  • French doors typically have glass panels, and door curtains designed for French doors are specifically tailored to fit these doors. They may come in various lengths and styles.

Sidelight Curtains:

  • Sidelights are narrow, vertical windows on either side of a door. Sidelight door curtains are designed to cover these windows, providing privacy and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entryway.

Sliding Glass Door Curtains:

  • For homes with sliding glass doors, there are door curtains designed to accommodate the sliding motion. These door curtains may include options like grommets or sliders for easy opening and closing.
  1. Doorway Curtains:
  • Some door curtains are designed to cover the entire doorway. These curtains can be used for both decorative and functional purposes.

When choosing door curtains, consider factors such as the level of privacy you desire, you can use privacy sheers if you need more privacy. The amount of natural light you want to allow into the space is also important because it will impact the length of the curtain and the type. If you want to prevent harsh light from entering, then blackout curtains are your best option, otherwise any curtain will work. The overall aesthetic of your home is important when looking for the perfect curtain. Additionally, make sure that the door curtains are the right size and style for the specific type of door you have, whether it's a standard swing door, French door, or sliding glass door.

What Kind of Sliding Door Curtains Do You Put on a Sliding Glass Door?

When choosing door curtains for a sliding glass door, there are a few factors to consider, such as functionality, style, and the overall aesthetic of the room. Here are some types of curtains commonly used for sliding glass doors:

Vertical Blinds:

  • Vertical blinds are a popular choice for sliding glass doors. They are practical, easy to operate, and can be adjusted to control light and privacy. Vertical blinds come in various materials, including fabric, vinyl, and wood.

Curtains with Grommets or Sliders:

  • Curtain panels with grommets or sliders are a stylish option for sliding glass doors. These curtains are easy to operate, allowing you to control the amount of light and privacy. When looking for sliding door curtains, select fabrics that complement your decor.

Sheer Curtains:

  • Sheer curtains can add an elegant touch to sliding glass doors. They allow natural light to filter through while providing a degree of privacy. Privacy Sheer curtains are often used in combination with other window treatments for a layered look.

Curtain Panels with a Traverse Rod:

  • Curtain panels on a traverse rod can be a practical choice for sliding glass doors. This setup allows the door curtains to be drawn open or closed with ease. Select a rod with smooth gliders for smooth operation.

Bamboo or Woven Wood Shades:

  • For a natural and textured look, consider bamboo or woven wood shades. These can be a stylish option for sliding glass doors and provide a level of privacy while allowing filtered light to enter. You won’t need blackout curtains if you prefer these. They are a specific type of door curtains that can work perfectly on certain applications giving a dramatic glamour just by being there..
  1. Curtain Rods with Rings:
  • Curtain rods with rings can be used to hang curtain panels for a more classic and traditional look. Select curtains that are easy to slide open and closed and make sure the curtain hardware matches the feel of the room.
  1. Panel Track Blinds:
  • Panel track blinds consist of large fabric panels that slide on a track. They are a contemporary and functional choice for sliding glass doors, offering a sleek and streamlined appearance. Consider privacy sheers as well if you think you might need them.

When selecting door curtains for a sliding glass door, make sure to measure the door accurately to ensure the curtains fit properly. Consider the practical aspects of the chosen window treatment, such as ease of operation and maintenance. Additionally, coordinate the curtain style and color with the overall decor of the room or the space..

How Can I Make My Sliding Doors Look Better With Curtains?

Enhancing the appearance of your sliding door or sliding glass door with curtains involves considering both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some tips to make your sliding door look better with curtains:

Choose the Right Type of Curtains:

  • Consider the style of your sliding door and the overall decor of the room when choosing door curtains. Options include vertical blinds, curtain panels with grommets or sliders, sheer curtains, bamboo or woven wood shades, and panel track blinds. Consider the location as well, a patio door curtain might different than the bedroom or living room one.

Opt for the Right Fabric and Color:

  • Select a fabric that complements the room's color scheme and decor. Light and airy fabrics can make the space feel larger, while bold or patterned fabrics can add personality. Consider the mood you want to create in the room when looking for the perfect door curtain. As you might have imagined, a dining room will require a different fabric than sliding doors or patio doors. It is also important to know that not all fabrics will be compatible with all window treatments, so make sure to match them correctly. If the drapes have artwork or designs, make sure it matches the feel of the space.

Ensure Proper Sizing:

  • Measure the sliding door accurately to ensure the curtains are the right size. If the door curtain is too short or too long it may not look as polished. Ensure the curtains have enough fullness to cover the width of the door when closed.

Consider Layering:

  • Layering curtains can add depth and dimension to the window treatments. For example, you can combine sheer curtains with heavier drapes or use valances to enhance the top of the sliding door. If you would like to prevent harsh light from entering, consider a layer of blackout curtains as well. 
  1. Install a Stylish Curtain Rod:
  • Select a curtain rod that complements the decor. Decorative rods with unique finials or finishes can add a touch of elegance. Make sure the rod is sturdy enough to support the weight of the curtains. The drapery rod can make as much impact as the door curtain you choose and can embellish your space in different ways. 

Use Tiebacks or Holdbacks:

  • Consider using tiebacks or holdbacks to gather the curtains on the sides. This not only adds a decorative element but also allows more natural light to enter the room when the curtains are open. This is especially useful if you are using curtains in your dining room and have large windows. 

Coordinate with Room Decor:

  • Ensure that the door curtain color and style coordinate with the overall decor of the room. A dining room will need a different curtain than patio doors or sliding doors. This creates a cohesive and well-designed look. 

Choose Appropriate Hanging Style:

  • The way you hang the curtains can impact the overall appearance. For a modern and clean look, consider hanging curtains close to the ceiling. This creates the illusion of height in the room. A properly chosen door curtain can impact the appearance of the room, either positively or negatively. Hang curtains have a unique style that can improve the look of a dull looking wall space.

Add Valances or Cornices:

  • Valances or cornices can be used to conceal the curtain hardware and add a decorative touch to the top of the sliding door. The effect of the door curtain depends on the cohesion of all elements.
  1. Keep it Neat and Tidy:
  • Regularly clean and maintain the curtains to keep them looking fresh. Remove dust and dirt, and follow the care instructions for the specific fabric. If you are using a patio door curtain for your patio door, make sure you can keep it clean and well maintained. An unkempt door curtain speaks volumes about the people living there.

By paying attention to these details, you can make your sliding door look better with a proper door curtain while achieving a cohesive and visually appealing design that you will love for any room or outdoor spaces that you are looking to decorate..

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