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Velvet Blackout Curtains: Are They Any Good?

Velvet blackout curtains can be effective for blocking out light to some extent, but their ability to provide complete blackout depends on several factors. Here are some considerations:

  1. Material Thickness: Velvet is a dense fabric, and thicker materials generally offer better light-blocking capabilities. Look for a velvet curtain that partners with a heavy or blackout lining as you shop to enhance its light-blocking properties.
  2. Color: Dark-colored velvet curtains, such as deep shades of black or navy, are more effective at blocking light than lighter colors. Darker colors absorb more light, preventing it from passing through the fabric.
  3. Fit and Coverage: Ensure that the curtains are properly fitted to cover the entire window and are wide enough to overlap the edges. Gaps at the sides or top can allow light to seep through.
  4. Additional Linings:  Some velvet curtains come with an additional blackout lining. This extra layer enhances light-blocking capabilities by preventing light from penetrating through the fabric.
  5. Installation:  Proper installation is crucial for blackout curtains. Make sure the curtains are mounted close to the wall and extend beyond the window frame to minimize light leakage.

While velvet blackout curtains can contribute to a darkened room, if complete blackout is essential, which is common in the United States, you might also consider using additional measures such as blackout shades or blinds or investing in curtains specifically designed for total light blockage. Testing the curtains in your specific space and conditions will give you the best indication of their blackout capabilities.

Is It Healthy to Sleep With Velvet Blackout Curtains?

Sleeping with velvet blackout curtains should generally be healthy as long as the curtains are kept clean and well-maintained. The ultimate goal of velvet blackout curtains is to block external light, creating a darker environment that can promote better sleep. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in your bedroom. A well-ventilated room contributes to a healthier sleep environment. Consider using an air purifier or opening windows during the day to allow fresh air circulation especially if you reside in the United States.
  2. Cleaning: Regularly clean and maintain your velvet blackout curtains to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating. Velvet curtains, in particular, may require more care, as dust can cling to the fabric. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning or washing the curtains.
  3. Mold and Mildew: In environments with high humidity, blackout curtains may be susceptible to mold or mildew growth, especially if they are not properly maintained. Ensure that your room is well-ventilated and address any moisture issues.
  4. Personal Comfort: Some people may prefer a well-ventilated room and may not enjoy the feel of a completely sealed, dark space. It's essential to find a balance that suits your personal preferences and comfort.
  5. Light Exposure during the Day: While velvet blackout curtains can be beneficial for promoting better sleep by blocking external light during the night, it's also important to expose yourself to natural light during the day. Sunlight exposure during daylight hours helps regulate your circadian rhythm and promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

In summary, it is a widely-respected understanding that sleeping with velvet blackout curtains can be a healthy choice for promoting better sleep, but it's important to maintain a clean and well-ventilated sleep environment. Additionally, consider exposing yourself to natural light during the day to meet the global regulations on your overall circadian rhythm.

How feasible is same-day delivery for Velvet Blackout Curtains?

When choosing velvet blackout curtains, the ultimate goal is to not only the quality and features that matter but also the convenience of acquiring them. You may encounter technical challenges caused by global regulations on vendors forcing them to no longer accept orders. Here's a look at various delivery options available for these light-blocking drapes:

Online Retailers

Many US websites offer a vast selection of velvet blackout curtains. This option provides the convenience of browsing through different styles, colors, accessories, and sizes from the comfort of your home, with many of these US websites offering same-day delivery. Look for retailers that offer reliable shipping options, and check customer reviews on previously placed orders to ensure satisfaction with the delivery process to avoid any technical challenges.

Local Home Decor Stores:

Check with a local home decor store or curtain brands in your area. You are certain to find one that partners with delivery companies for efficient and same-day delivery delivery. This option allows the valued customers to support local businesses while enjoying the convenience of home delivery.

Custom Orders and Lead Times:

If you are looking to shop for custom features in your velvet blackout curtains, consider checking with retailers who work diligently to offer customization services. Such brands allow you to shop for accessories, including toys and jewelry to enhance the look of your curtain. Keep in mind that custom orders might have longer lead times, so plan your purchase accordingly, as you may not succeed in getting same-day delivery.

In-Store Pick-Up:

Some retailers provide the option of in-store pick-up for their valued customers. This allows you to order your velvet blackout curtains online and pick them up at a nearby store. It's a great option if you prefer to get your hands on the curtains quickly and avoid potential delays experienced by brands as they ship orders.

Specialized Curtain Retailers:

Explore specialty curtain retailers that focus specifically on window treatments. These retailers work diligently to offer a wide variety of blackout curtain options, and some may even offer specialized delivery services for curtains, ensuring they are handled with care during transit. We recommend you visit West Elm or Graham Page for a smooth shopping experience.

Remember to factor in the delivery time, shipping costs, consumer privacy, and return policies when choosing the best delivery option for your velvet blackout curtains. It is also important to gain an understanding of new regulations on international shipping to avoid any technical challenges caused during the shopping experience.  Whether you prioritize speed, customization, or supporting local businesses, there are various avenues to shop for velvet curtains.

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