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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 34 reviews
      Julia Wrightenberry
      I am SO happy with these

      I am so happy with my purchase! I took a chance on these and the quality is amazing and at a good price! My room finally has curtains and looks complete. The length was perfect i don’t have to have anything hemmed either ! So so happy and their customer service was amazing! Forever getting curtains from here!

      Janell Klosterman
      Beautiful functional curtains

      They really are thick blackout curtains and do a good job creating a barrier at my windows. I had these created at an angle to match the slope of my stairs. They look wonderful! Very high quality materials and workmanship.

      Leif J.
      Just what I was looking for.

      Honestly, I'd expected to be disappointed by these curtains. I took a chance and bought the mustard yellow variety after experimenting with photos of my room in Photoshop, and even though the mockups looked good, I was deeply worried that the curtains would look hideous in person. Happily, they turned out quite well, and the color's true to what you see on the site.

      I'm especially glad they worked because I live on one of the highest points of San Francisco, where the constant, oppressive grays and whites from the fog perpetually bombard my windows. But now, with these curtains and all the other warm colors I've remodeled my room with, my home feels properly welcome and cozy when I come home. The remodel has done much to lift my mood, and these curtain are a key element.

      Sometimes I think I should have gotten these curtains with the tab tops or the grommets so I could more easily open and close them with the rod I have to use, but that's a dubious choice on my end, not 3HLinen's. (And I'm not unhappy—just curious.)

      I like, too, that 3HLinen accommodated my wishes by sending me sage-colored tiebacks instead of the mustard yellow ones, and as I suspected in my request, this combination would indeed tie the room together nicely ... if I used them. As it turns out, though, I ended up installing some metal holdbacks instead, and I couldn't be happier with that choice.

      I also took what initially felt like a risk and bought the blackout curtains with only 80% darkening, and for much of the time that I waited for them to arrive, I fretted that I should have gone with the 100% version. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. The 80% versions DO block all incoming light, from what I can tell. Maybe people who need the 100% have searchlights aimed at their windows or something, but that's no problem here.

      I'm definitely pleased. This is precisely the look I was looking for. They're elegant without being ostentatious, yet they also look and feel handmade in the most appealing sense of that word. My bedding is made from linen as well—although from a different company—and these curtains look like they were made for them.

      I have large sliding window doors that open up to my balcony, and I'll likely order from 3H Linen if I eventually decide to install curtains over them.

      Highly recommended.

      Janelle Peralt
      Just the feel I was looking for!

      Quality product at a premium price, but delivers! Although much more expensive than off the rack options, the quality of these panels lives up to what they promise. Definitely as room darkening as advertised!

      Debbie F
      Amazing quality

      I ordered curtains with blackout lining for our bedroom and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. The quality is exceptional and they work so well to keep light out when drawn. Would definitely buy again!