How to care for your linen fabric

There are many misconceptions about taking care of linen - the most common one is that it needs some kind of special care. However, in fact, linen is a high-quality, strong, and durable fabric, and remembering some basic rules of proper linen care will help you retain those wonderful features of your home textiles. Here we go!

Laundry Tips on Washing Your Linen

Linen Fabric becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, making your textiles and clothing even comfier. Linen could be either machine- or hand-washed in lukewarm or cold water (up to 40 degrees), and a gentle cycle should always be selected.

To prevent linen items from getting tangled and stretched, fill the washing machine only half full, leaving enough room for the fabrics to move freely.

 Tumble Dry: Good for Linen or Not

Feel free to machine (tumble) dry your linen textiles, as long as you stick to a low heat setting. Remove it from the dryer when the fabric is slightly damp so that it won’t become too stiff and brittle. Then lie or hang your textile and let it finish off drying on its own.
As for the curtains, air dry is the best for them, this way your curtains will retain their attractive look and ironing will be much easier.


 Tips on Ironing Linen Fabric

Actually, there is no need to iron linen unless you don’t like its relaxed look, or it became very crushed. Anyway, if you love ironing and decided to iron your linen garments, we won’t be stopping you, just recommend doing it while linen is still damp and use a low heating setting.