The nature of the linen fabric

The nature of the linen fabric

Linen is one of the most ancient plants harvested by man, the same as wheat.

7000 years ago linen was a luxury fabric in Egypt, and a lot of people wanted to have linen as a substitute for the fabric that was widespread before – wool. Linen was a luxury and expensive material, and only rich people could afford clothes made of linen.


Flax plant harvested


Linen is made of fibers sourced from the stems of the flax plant that is grown in cooler climates throughout the world. Long traditions of harvesting flax and producing the linen have France, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.

 Flax plant treatment


3HLinen uses linen made of flax plant harvested by farmers' cooperatives in Northern France and Belgium.

 Linen fiber

Same as all other natural fabrics linen shrinks during the first wash. This happens due to the nature of the manufacturing process: the fibers are stretched during it. And when you wash the linen for the first time – fibers relax and take their natural form. That is why shrinkage of 3-4 % is a fact that should be considered.

Flax fibre collected

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