How to Care for Your Linen Fabric

Having something made of linen at home or as your clothing garment is a huge benefit! Though it may seem a little more effort is needed to take care of it. We can tell that it's only from first sight. 

Laundry Tips on Washing Your Linen

Linen Fabric becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, making your textiles and clothing even comfier. Unlined curtains, bedding and clothing could be either machine- or hand-washed in lukewarm or cold water (up to 40 degrees), and a gentle cycle should always be selected.

To prevent linen items from getting tangled and stretched, fill the washing machine only half full, leaving enough room for the fabrics to move freely.

For all lined curtains we recommend dry cleaning. This will help to avoid uneven shrinkage of the linen and the lining. Show the label with the fabric content to your professional, so they choose the best care.


Tumble Dry: Good for Linen or Not

We do not recommend using a tumble dryer for your linen, as high temperatures could destroy the fibers with time. Air drying is the best for it. Don't worry it will take too much time! Linen dries really quickly :)



 Tips on Ironing Linen Fabric

Iron linen while it's not completely dry, will be easier.
Tip for linen curtains: try to find a vertical steamer, it will be so much helpful while hanging your curtains and giving them the best look.
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