The ultimate guide to choose your drapes

We receive a lot of messages from customers about curtains: some of you are confused about choosing the style, other doubt if they measure the panel size correctly. Based on your FAQ we created a set of posts to help in choosing the right draperies. Below are the topics that we plan to cover:

  1. Interior styles
  2. What is the difference between curtain’s headings?
  3. Length - how to measure
  4. Width
  5. Functional features (darkening)

1. Interior Styles

 Curtains are those part of the interior that connects multiple pieces into one idea and represents the mood of the room. However, many find it difficult to choose among the variety of draperies, here are some tips with what to start.

Linen (made of flax plant) is the material which itself is associated with such interior styles as:

  • Farmhouse (modern farmhouse)
  • Minimalist
  • Industrial
  • French country
  • Rustic

However other interior styles will nicely pair with the linen, you just need to add particular accents, for example – choose proper panel top (heading).

Below you will find what is the difference between different headings, how they may change the look.

 2. What is the difference between curtains headings?

Rod pocket. The top of the panel has the “pocket” where you can easily pull the rod. Standard pocket size is 2.8” and it is suitable for the rod till 2”.

Choose this style for the places where you do not need to close and open the drapes each day or use tie backs to hold the panels when they are opened.

Tiebacks come with each panel in our store.

The romantic look creates a rod pocket curtain with an additional heading. Standard heading width is 2”.


Tab top heading is a perfect accent for modern farmhouse or rustic room styles. White color panels look fabulous in the Scandinavian interior.

It’s very easy to hang and even easier to move, close, and open it as many times as you wish.


Hidden tabs or back tabs create a classic look and make accurate folding (similar to the one with eyelets). Curtain panel top will be perfect for contemporary, modern, or coastal interior.

Standard hidden tabs fit the rod up to 2 “ thick.



Eyelet curtains are very easy to hang and move. Eyelets are available in several metallic colors, which help to create additional accents in the room: industrial, modern, or rustic design. The rings have an internal diameter of 1,4” and are suitable for poles with a diameter of up to 1,2”.

Colors: chrome, bronze, silver, gold, white, and black.



Knot curtain panels are a boho (bohemian) style alternative to classic farmhouse tabs. Feature knots on the top. Perfect for Canopy beds as well.

Knots add approx. 9 inches to the total curtain panel length.


Top tie curtain panels. Ties are long enough to accommodate even very thick rod and to tie a nice bow.

Usually, they do not add any inches to the curtain length unless they are tied in a relaxed look.

Perfect for contemporary or shabby chic interiors, also used to dress four posts canopy beds.


Panels for rings and hooks

If you have the rings with hooks (for example N-hooks), then we attach the tape to the backside of the hooks. Modern tapes allow you to gather the panel according to your wish and imagination:

  • S-fold curtain
  • Pencil pleat curtains
  • Pinch Pleat
  • Goblet Pleat


Panels for rings and clips

The top of the panel features an accurate hem that will allow you to hang the panel. Choose this top for café curtains or small-size panels, since the linen is rather heavy, and larger panels especially lined ones may be challenging to make hanging with the clips.

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