3HLinen for the Earth Day

At 3HLinen, we believe that small changes can make a big impact. Let’s use this occasion to learn more about the ways to help the environment so we can do our best for the planet all year round!


Did you know that...

  • The apparel industry is one of the most polluting.
  • Cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops.
  • The washing of synthetic fabrics is responsible for more than 1/3 of microplastics in the ocean.


What can we do?

Invest in durable products that are never out of style to avoid rapid replacements and waste over time.

Flax plant used for linen production is one of the least pesticide-reliant plants in the textile industry

Choose pure linen to ensure no microplastics are to pollute the water while you're washing your textiles, especially the ones you change often, such as bed linen, kitchen towels, or tablecloths.


It’s all about balance!

Getting aware of the problem is the first and most important step. You’re already doing great if you’re reading this!

Quality is over quantity. Buying the best is the long-term key.

Habits stay when you make it easier for yourself. Find the brands you trust and be confident in every purchase.


To help you be even more confident that the product you chose is the right fit for you, consult with our managers for design advice or place a custom order – just describe your request!

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