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Our team

Dear Customer,

If you are reading this right now, you must have decided to get more acquainted with the members of our team. So, do you want to know more about people, who create all these beautiful things for you? Here we go! 


Management and Marketing

My name is Viktoriya, and I’m the founder of 3Hlinen, me and my husband Sergii created the idea of this shop in the year 2014 and now are managing company together.

We have two cute little boys who inspire us ☺ and live between Kyiv (Ukraine) and San Francisco (California).


Customer Communication Team

Here are Alona and Iryna. They are doing their best to provide our customers with great service and help them in different situations. Girls will gladly assist you in returning the item, if you change your mind, issuing the refunds and contacting postal services to make the delivery more convenient for you.

Alona (on the right), our Senior Communicator, loves to travel and sometimes take something from our clothing collection with her. She hopes to visit all countries around the globe and may be our products will accompany her :)

And here is Iryna, our Junior Communication Manager. She is the one, who’s responsible for launching the direct mailing campaigns, and she is the only person in our team who speaks Chinese!


Product Management

Here it is Iryna, our Product Manager, and it’s her, who’s in charge of uploading new products to marketplaces so you can see them as soon as possible right after photo shooting.

One secret fact – when she was a kid, Iryna wanted to become a Great Britain's duchess. It’s never too late to change something in your life, though. Maybe one day she will…


Manufacturing and Order Execution Team

This gorgeous girl is Nadia ☺ , she is a head of Order Execution Team.

Besides of being just gorgeous she is responsible for your orders’ manufacturing and fabric supply, providing our sewing studios with the necessary materials. Her team members – Two Olhas (they have similar names☺ ) work hard every day to deliver your orders to you!  


The girl on the left is Olha K. and her greatest hobby is Astronomy! So if you would like to know more about Voyager 2 mission – she will happily discuss this as well ☺ 

Olha is also in charge of our Instagram page.

The girl on the left is Olha O., our second Order Manager, who is teaching kids English in her free time ☺


Delivery Team

And the last but not the least are our delivery guys – Alex and Michael. As our company has several sewing studious in Kyiv, Alex and Michael have their own everyday routes.

Guys picks up the ready orders and like Olympic runners rush right over to our office, where both Olhas are waiting for him. Actually, Alex is not Alex, he is Barry Allen aka Flash, that is why he always delivers the packages in time. However, please shhhhh…. he does not want everybody to know. ;)


In conclusion would like to say, although, we are not the superheroes, but we always pay great attention to our customer’s needs and try to provide them with the best services, cause we believe that when the customer comes first, the customer will last.